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What is a Smart Contract Audit?

A smart contract audit is the process of reviewing and evaluating the source code of a smart contract to ensure that it is secure, efficient, and functioning as intended.


Our Smart Contract Audit Process :


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This Report does not consider, and should not be interpreted as considering or having any bearing on, the potential economics of a token, token sale or any other product, service or other asset. Cryptographic tokens are emergent technologies and carry with them high levels of technical risk and uncertainty. The Audits and the analysis described therein are created solely for Clients and published with their consent. Cryptographic tokens and smart contracts are emergent technologies and carry with them high levels of technical risk and uncertainty.


The Audits are not an endorsement or indictment of any particular project or team, and the Audits do not guarantee the security of any particular project. This Report does not constitute investment advice, is not intended to be relied upon as investment advice, is not an endorsement of this project or team, and it is not a guarantee as to the absolute security of the project. The Solidity language itself remains under development and is subject to unknown risks and flaws. There is no owed duty to any Third- Party by virtue of publishing these Audits. The review does not extend to the compiler layer, or any other areas beyond the Solidity programming language that could present security risks. No third party should rely on the Audits in any way, including for the purpose of making any decisions to buy or sell any token, product, service or other asset.


 The scope of our review is limited to a review of Solidity code and only the Solidity code we note as being within the scope of our review within this report. No Report provides any warranty or representation to any Third-Party in any respect, including regarding the bug free nature of code, the business model or proprietors of any such business model, and the legal compliance of any such business.

What is a Smart Contract Audit?

A smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinize a smart contract’s code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code in order to rectify & fix them. It secures the code from potential future bugs. A smart contract auditor will serve the same purpose as a document's grammatical auto-check. No technology is unbreakable. Although auditing doesn't replace prevention, it does raise security higher on the list of priorities


Who needs a Smart Contract Audit?

Smart Contract Audit is for everyone who is dealing with smart contracts, either you have an ICO, STO, NFT Project, Healthcare, Metaverse, fintech, Games or any dApp solution based on Smart Contract you should go for Smart Contract Audits













Did you Know?

47.3% of the Web3 Hacks in the First Half of 2022 were due to Smart Contract Vulnerabilities.

What Audit process do we follow?

We execute a variety of test cases to look for vulnerabilities in the system. Additionally, we test the code manually to ensure it works as intended. In addition, we use internal and open source security technologies in accordance with the smart contract framework.


To examine if there are any opportunities to lower transaction costs, we investigate gas optimization. enhancing the benefits of smart contracts for you.


Throughout the review process, care is taken to ensure that the token contract:


1. Implements and adheres to existing Token standards appropriately and effectively; 

2. Documentation and code comments match logic and behavior; 

3. Distributes tokens in a manner that matches calculations; 

4. Follows best practices in efficient use of gas, without unnecessary waste; 

5. Uses methods safe from reentrance attacks; 

6. Is not affected by the latest vulnerabilities; 

7. Whether the code meets best practices in code readability, etc.

Manual Review: The most important thing to keep in mind is that manual code review takes time. The ideal technique to find coding issues is to manually analyse the smart contract code if you have a sizable development team. Coding errors that automated tools can miss can often be found in smart contract code through manual checks. Developers can thoroughly examine each line of code through manual review to ensure sure it is compiled correctly and free of re-entrance or other security flaws.


Automation Review: Automated code analysis has proven to be beneficial. In particular, Tools and Apps quickly determine whether their code contains vulnerabilities, saving them time and making the process less demanding. In addition to other applications where it may be necessary to construct and show visual patterns of connected information that update with each change made, this can be extremely helpful for smart contract security.

Smart Contract Audit Report :

The most important part of the audit is the report, It acts like a Bible to fix all the vulnerabilities.

For ease of navigation, sections are arranged from most critical to least critical. Issues are tagged “Resolved” or “Unresolved” depending on whether they have been fixed or addressed. Furthermore, the severity of each issue is written as assessed by the risk of exploitation or other unexpected or otherwise unsafe behavior: 



The issue affects the ability of the contract to compile or operate in a significant way.


The issue affects the ability of the contract to compile or operate in a significant way.




The issue affects the ability of the contract to operate in a way that doesn’t significantly hinder its behavior.


The issue has minimal impact on the contract’s ability to operate.


The Auditing report contains Auditing Strategy and Techniques Applied, Structure and Organization of Document, Complete Analysis, Code Coverage and Test Results for all files and compliances.

Why choose Web3Tech for your Smart Contract Audits?

To strengthen and improve the efficiency of your business processes, Web3Tech creates safe, affordable, and quality-focused blockchain-based smart contracts solutions. We create blockchain security products, disseminate security best practices, and provide smart contract audit services. With our experienced smart contract auditors Web3Tech offers smart contract auditing services with a focus on security and high-cost exploits. We do not miss any chance to uncomplicate the code without losing any of its functionality.

Our team includes profiles like smart contract auditors, senior smart contract auditors amongst other blockchain developers who will conduct a deep analysis more than once to make sure there are no loopholes.


  • Manual Auditing

  • Automated Security Audits

  • Detailed Analysis Report

  • Compliance and Solutions

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